At this point, virtual learning isn’t completely new to parents. Parents are taking on more responsibility for their child’s education than ever before. Kids and parents may not talk about it much, but the virus has affected everyone’s social life. In order to have a successful distance learning school year parents and caregivers need support! Follow these tips to help your students stay focused, interested, and balanced while distance learning.

  1. Set Up for Success – Create a space specifically for learning – designate a room or corner. Set a routine like they would be going to school – brush teeth, get dressed, etc. Create a visual schedule to keep track of what’s going on each day, don’t forget to include breaks!
  2. Staying Focused – Sometimes it’s hard for kids to stay focused. Try keeping them close to you. Consider non-verbal or one-word cues to help them get back on track. If you have other devices in your home, keep them away from your kid’s workspace.
  3. Encourage Ownership & Effort – Communicate with your child. Ask them what subject they would prefer to do and try to incorporate that into their plan. For example, if math is a tough subject, ask them if they would like to do that first or last. Hang up your child’s work in your house. It will show them how proud you are of them!
  4. Manage Motivation – Build a bridge from what they love to what they don’t. Such as, if your child likes sports but not reading, try a graphic novel about soccer to spark interest. Presentation is everything! Sometimes, depending on how you present an activity reflects how your child will react to doing it.
  5. Make Room for Well-Being – If your child is caught up saying negative things about themselves, encourage self-kindness. The same goes for you! You won’t always be able to help your kids. Seek help from family, friends, and teachers when you need help. Sometimes we just need to get up and move to reset and bring new energy to the day. Take a quick walk around the block or have a 5-minute dance party.

The fact is that all parents, caregivers, students, and educators are struggling with the new norm. This is just a short list of tips to use while distance learning. We must all stick together and help each other get through this. The Murphy Insurance Group hopes that you make the best of the school year and learn something new!