Things to Consider When Buying Auto Insurance

In my last blog I talked about things to consider when buying homeowners insurance. I also spoke about the costs associated with the insurance. One thing that can help to offset the premium is to combine home and auto insurance with one carrier. Many companies offer up to a 15% discount for the business.
Other factors that your agent will look at to determine the most effective, cost efficient coverage is the following:

auto insurance - lady driving


  • Year, make and model of vehicle
  • Address car is garaged
  • Drivers – all household members eligible for coverage
    • Date first licensed
    • License # and date of birth


  • Full physical damage coverage required if loan is involved
  • If more than one vehicle on policy multi-vehicle credit could apply. Also, account credit would apply if home/auto with same company

Many companies offer various credits and discounts. The best advice is to consult your agent and discuss your coverage needs. Take advantage of all savings by having your agent assess your needs on a yearly basis.
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